Tutoring Policy

Updated 16 July 2017


By accepting a student you agree to this policy. You accept that you agree to tutor the student on a recurring basis. Upon accepting a student, you will make suitable attempts to arrange your first session within 24 hours or receiving the student details. The first session is to start within 7 days starting the day after acceptance. Should any changes occur, not limited to changes in frequency, schedule, number of tutoring hours or tutoring end date, please inform us at contact@learnedhub.com.au.

Illness or Misdaventure

Should you fall ill or you are otherwise unable to attend a scheduled session, you are to inform us as soon as possible. If requested, you may be required to obtain a doctors certificate or otherwise prove your misadventure.  You are to arrange another suitable day or time with the student or guardian to catch up the session as per the section 'Catch Up Session' detailed below.

Catch Up Session

When required, catch up sessions are to be arranged with the student or guardian in addition to regular sessions. A catch up session cannot take the place of a regular scheduled session and must be completed in addition. If a catch up session is to be arranged and the student or guardian is not able to schedule a session, please inform us giving reason why the catch up session cannot be scheduled. Catch up sessions must be scheduled within 30 days of a missed or cancelled session. 

Should a scheduled session align with a government sanctioned public holiday you have the following options:

1. Attend the session as scheduled and as agreed with the student or guardian.

2. Reschedule the session with the student or guardian for the next appropriate day.

Public Holiday



All tutoring is to occur during all school holiday periods as per normal. Should the student or guardian wish to pause tutoring for the school holidays, please let us know the dates that they wish to pause. The student or guardian may be subject to cancellation notice periods.

School Holiday

If you are looking to take a break or take some time off, holidays are best arranged during the tutoring off season between mid December through to the end of January. If your holiday or break cannot be scheduled during this time, the next best time periods are the Easter, Winter or Spring school holidays.

If you need to take leave, please inform us of your intention as soon as possible. Should you be away for a period longer than 1 week, we may offer your students another tutor during that time period. We ask that you assist us with ensuring a smooth transition for the temporary tutor.