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Are you great at mathematics? Do you love teaching students and helping them develop the confidence and skills to succeed? We’re looking for enthusiastic and dedicated tutors. Working with Learned Hub allows our tutors to focus on student’s progress while we take care of the administrative details.


Work when you like

Enjoy the flexibility of working when you want. Let us know the time frames you can tutor and we’ll match you with students based on your availability and skill sets.


tutor local students

Spend less time travelling and more time tutoring. We’ll match you with students in your geographic region.




Rewarding work

Continue to grow your interpersonal and mathematics skills and help your students’ progress while being financially rewarded.

It's simple to join us as a tutor, here's how it works:

Complete the online application and upload the required supporting documents. If you meet our standards for mathematics expertise you will move ahead to stage two. 

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Showcase your interpersonal skills via our innovative online video interview and complete a mathematics knowledge test.

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You’ve shown that you have what it takes to be an amazing tutor. Complete our training manual and comprehension test to become even more proficient and part of the Learned Hub team.

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Start doing what you love: Teaching!

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